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Telehealth visits allow you to consult with a specialist from the comfort of your home or office. Board-certified neurologist Subhashie Wijemanne, MD, offers telehealth appointments to Parkinson’s, Restless Legs and Movement Disorders Specialists, PLLC, in Austin, Texas. These “visits” allow you to have questions about your neurological health answered without inconvenient travel, scheduling changes, or exposure to other patients. Maintain your privacy and receive expert care. Call the office or book a telehealth appointment online using this website.

Telehealth Q&A

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a modern way to deliver health services. Many providers offer this system that uses video conferencing, audio communication, and sometimes text or voice messaging to evaluate conditions, provide follow-up care, and manage medications.

You use your phone, tablet, or computer to communicate with Dr. Wijemanne from a private space of your choosing.

How can telehealth be used for neurological evaluations?

Dr. Wijemanne covers many of the same neurological services offered by a hospital or office setting. She is deeply experienced in handling all varieties of neurological issues, both urgent and less urgent.

Services provided by telehealth include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Managing chronic conditions, like Parkinson’s disease
  • Managing medications, prescription refills, and supplement use
  • Getting second opinions and reviewing your medical history
  • Evaluating symptoms and reviewing your medical history
  • Discussing lifestyle changes for treatment
  • Educating you on specific disorders and their progression
  • Follow-up visits

At a telehealth visit, Dr. Wijemanne can recommend specific screenings, like an MRI or blood tests, to help with your diagnosis. She can review those results with you via a telehealth appointment.

Why should I consider a telehealth visit?

A major benefit of telehealth visits is the convenient access it provides to a board-certified neurologist. Your appointment can be handled conveniently without travel interruptions or time spent in a waiting room.

If you oversee the health care of small children or an invalid adult, you can tend to your own health needs without having to make arrangements for those under your care.

Telehealth allows you to get the care you need while maintaining healthy social distancing. You don’t have to worry about contact with other patients or staff, especially if you have compromised immunity.

Are telehealth visits private?

The telehealth visits provided by Parkinson’s, Restless Legs & Movement Disorders Specialists, PLLC, are fully encrypted, so sessions are entirely private. The visits follow all HIPAA data-privacy requirements. You can trust that no information shared at a telehealth appointment is stored.

To schedule your telehealth appointment at Parkinson’s, Restless Legs & Movement Disorders Specialists, PLLC, call today, or schedule online.